What We Do

One of the Scottish Cot Death Trust’s core aims is to provide education for professionals and the public. This education focuses on raising awareness of how we can reduce the risks of a sudden and unexpected death in infancy occurring. In many ways, our education strategy and our research funding work hand in hand when striving to reduce the SUDI rate in Scotland and worldwide.

As part of our strategy to expand our education message, we have launched Safe Sleep Scotland, our new education and learning hub. We have designed SafeSleepScotland.org as an engaging learning platform focusing on increasing awareness of safe sleep for infants for the public and professionals.

Please take a few minutes to watch our new information video “a baby’s guide to safe sleep” – we hope you like it, and if you do please help us spread our message by sharing the video on your social media channels.

A Baby’s Guide To Safe Sleep

What happens when a SUDI occurs?

We believe it is important to provide information about what happens when a SUDI occurs. When this happens, many people from different agencies will be involved over a number of months, from healthcare staff at hospitals, to the Police and Procurators Fiscal. We aim to raise awareness of what our charity can do to support bereaved families and these professionals during this process: What Happens Next

Our education work with parents

We hope this new education resource is useful for parents and families. SafeSleepScotland aims to simplify safe sleep messages and provide information so that everyone is aware of the risks of SUDI and how these can be reduced.

Our education work with childcare and healthcare professionals

We tailor sessions for a variety of childcare and healthcare professionals. We can provide information and resources on Safe Sleep and Reducing the Risk for midwives, health visitors, neonatal, paediatric professionals as well as social workers, foster carers and childcare setting staff. We work closely with those who already have expert knowledge, such as provision of SUDI simulation training exercises for Emergency department doctors, nurses and paramedics, run in conjunction with Dr Marion McNaught, Associate Specialist, Emergency Medicine.

Our education work with students

We offer education sessions to childcare and healthcare students in both Further Education and Higher Education, from National Certificate to Post-Graduate level. Our sessions can be tailored to those just starting out in their careers, and those looking to specialise the topic area. We also work with training providers who offer qualifications such as apprenticeships and SVQs in Childcare and Early Learning.

Our education work with the Police and Procurators Fiscal

We have traditionally worked closely with the authorities as a signpost for guidance and support. Our relationships with the Police and Procurators Fiscal are important we can often support families who are in contact with these parties in the aftermath of a SUDI.



We can design our education sessions to suit your workplace. Ideally a session will last for a minimum 90 minutes, but we can provide a condensed session if you are short of time. All of our sessions are interactive. The messages given are always the same – the level of detail given will depend on our audience.

If you would like to BOOK A SESSION, please complete our enquiry form or contact us in the office