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We have three core training programmes which we delivery to a variety of audiences. 

  1. Safe Sleep sessions
  2. SUDI Training 
  3. SUDI Simulation Training


Safe Sleep sessions

We have three main ways we provide safe sleep sessions now:

  1. A fully online training package consisting of pre-recorded videos, tasks and quizzes
  2. Online one-off MS Teams sessions
  3. In person training sessions
  • Staff teams in nurseries and childcare settings
  • College & Universities – students specialising in health, social, or childcare
  • Community/parent groups
  • Third sector support providers

Teams and in-person sessions tend to last around 60-90 minutes. Online training package can be accessed flexibly as per staff needs and time.

The key learning objective is for participants to become more comfortable and confident when talking about safe sleep, whatever their background, whoever their audience.

Costs for this training are variable – contact us via the enquiry form to discuss things further!


SUDI Training

We also deliver SUDI Training sessions to a variety of audiences

  • NHS Staff – midwifery staff, health visiting teams, family nurse teams etc.
  • Social Work and associated Teams
  • Students in all of the above
  • Third sector support providers

This 2.5 hour course can be provided online or in person, and allows professionals who support families the opportunity to learn more about the risks surrounding SUDI/SUDC.

These sessions include:

  • the current background & risk factors surrounding SUDI in Scotland
  • research basis for prevention guidance and safe sleep advice
  • processes and protocols around SUDI in Scotland
  • the sharing of parent lived experience of loss to SUDI and provision of bereavement support by professionals
  • reference to the supports available to staff members who experience a loss to SUDI/SUDC on their caseload


SUDI Simulation Training

This half day course brings together professionals involved in responding to the incidence of a SUDI / SUDC, which includes:

  1. NHS ED and paediatric staff
  2. Police Scotland
  3. Scottish Ambulance Service
  4. COPFS

The session includes:

  • real time experiential learning on best practice through simulation use
  • discusses optimal multi-disciplinary working across processes
  • gives feedback on parents lived experience and agency involvement to develop future practice

Fill in the enquiry form and we will get in touch to discuss your needs and get you booked in!



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