Book an Education Session

We deliver FREE Safe Sleep education sessions to a variety of audiences. If you think this topic would be beneficial to those in your workplace or group, then we would be more than happy to have a chat!

Typically, we deliver sessions to groups such as

  • Staff teams in nurseries and childcare settings
  • NHS staff – midwifery, nursing, or health visiting
  • College & Universities – students specialising in health, social, or childcare
  • Community/parent groups
Most sessions last around 90 minutes but we can tailor things to suit your needs.

The key learning objective is for participants to become more comfortable and confident when talking about safe sleep, whatever their background, whoever their audience. Our sessions are designed to have attendees involved and to stimulate discussion. We can provide face-to-face workshops or online webinar sessions.

If you can bring an audience, we will bring along everything else for the session.  Access to IT equipment is ideal, we can show videos and refer to our website. If not, it’s no problem – we can discuss the key messages to 100 with the help of technology or to 15 with a flipchart and pen (and probably some post-it notes!).

Fill in the enquiry form and we will get in touch to discuss your needs and get you booked in!

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